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To request marketing assistance, submit the appropriate request form below. Submission of your request is not a guarantee that these services can be provided by the department. We handle photography and video requests on a case-by-case basis depending on budget. If you need photography and video assistance, please email so we can schedule a time to discuss.

Use this form to request marketing services, assistance in planning and executing marketing campaigns that may use different types of media such as television, radio, print and online platforms to reach a desired audience.

NOTE: While not all fields are required, the more information you can provide the more helpful it will be as a reference and a start to the kick-off call discussion. Timelines are dependent on the outcome of the initial conversation and the steps necessary to finalize the plan and move forward.


Marketing Campaign
Request Form


Use this form to request graphic design/web design imagery for marketing projects such as print, web and social media for Sinai Chicago related items. Timelines vary by the complexity of the project, but please allow at least 1-2 weeks for a first proof to be delivered. Please plan accordingly and fill as much of the form as possible. All copy should be proofed for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation prior to submitting this request. All marketing materials are required to be in Spanish, translation requests can be sent to Veronica Nunez at and copy and

NOTE: The requestor is responsible for all hard costs related to the project, such as printing, mailing services, postage, laminating, etc. Please work with one of our preferred vendors to coordinate payment, delivery and implementation. 

This email request form applies to the distribution of All-Caregiver email blasts. Please provide as much information possible, preferably a draft version of the email text you would like to send out. Once the email is created, the contact person for this request will receive
a proof. After receiving approval, we will then schedule the email.


Caregiver Email Blast
Request Form


Social Media 
Request Form

Please fill out this form for all social media post requests. The Marketing department will do their best to complete your request in a timely manner, but due to the number of requests we may not be able to complete them as quickly as requested. Please submit any social media post requests at least two weeks before the desired post-date.

Need to add or edit something on Use this form to request assistance.

Website Request 



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