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Marketing Collateral

If a template is unavailable, marketing is available to design requested collateral. Marketing is not responsible for all hard costs related to the project, such as printing, mailing services, postage, laminating, etc. Please see our preferred vendor list here, to coordinate implementation, delivery, and payment. 



Reach Sinai caregivers with your message through engaging email campaigns. Other specific audiences can be reached when you submit an email list. 


​Landing Page Development

Create a landing page with your advertising campaign to best convert your desired audience into leads.


Digital Marketing and Social Media

Submit social media post requests to reach our Sinai followers with your message. We can also assist with larger-scale campaigns through digital marketing campaigns. 

Public Relations

Effectively communicate your message to the public using our Public Relations expertise.​

Promotion Strategy

Our team develops strategies that best align with your goals, target audience and consumer insights to best promote your key messages.




We assist in identifying media channels that will promote your message to your target audience, and manage media placement.​


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